REGISTRATION for FALL of 2018    

MONTHLY STUDIO RATES                   After 7th              On/Before 7th


Class size   (5 or more in group)                 ($30.00)                        $25.00

Class Size  (3 or 4  in group)……                          ($35.00)                         $30.00

Semi-Private  (2 in group)                            ($55.00)                         $50.00

Private          (1 dancer)                         ($30.00 each lesson)  

Bonus Classes, Invitation Only                              $15.00

 (these tap groups are by invitation or audition only,

and  taken in addition to regular tap class)

If you would like to download a  registration form contact me at    and I will send one to you!

Spread the word to friends and family about taking classes!

Classes begin  October 3, 2018  !!

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